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Decoration structure for Moulinex's Multi-cooker Cookeo TV AD

Creation of a colourless Plexiglas structure with 1 compartment and 2 removable slide modules before video post-production processing for the TV ad of the "Cookeo" Multi-cooker from Moulinex.

Bettina-Vermillon's Python Chest

Creation of colourless acrylic tablets with tangential lighting to present the pumps and boots from the Bettina-Vermillon collection. Several craftsmen participated in the development of the chest, supplies and accessories before a world exhibition tour.

Artist Villeglé

Printing on table boxes in colourless and opaque white Plexiglas for the background, silkscreen printing on the inside for the colours and outside for the symbols and texts. Wall hanging at the end

Cover on a wooden pedestal

5-sided cover embedded on water-repellent varnished birch CP

POS presentation of ETAM cosmetics

Model of a Provençal farmhouse

Architecture model of a Provencal farmhouse with two swimming pool models made in 3 identical copies according to the customer's request. Made with natural MDF and coloured + colourless Plexiglas.

Minaudière (Amandine Ducrot)

Creation of an artistic dressing on a minaudière by custom thermoforming pieces in emerald green acrylic.

Socle of a Buddha head

Socle of an Alabaster Buddha head on a massive colourless Plexiglas with a volume of 200 mm. Stabilization on custom acrylic cone body and addition of an LED lamp.

Totem and Logo

Creation of a 3D logo in 4 acrylic diffusing colours + transparent. Inlay with backlighting in a signage totem to present Home Automation on an LCD screen.

Nouvelles Stars 2019 Trophies

Presentation of the Nouvelles Stars trophies on the W9 television set.

Hall Interior Design and Decoration

Supplies and accessories of colourless Plexiglas parts cut to order for interior design and decoration of halls; building entrance etc. Created and implemented by Catherine Aznar - Plastic artist who paints directly on acrylic supports.

Slide box for limited edition

Creation of a series of slide box in transparent red Plexiglass for a limited edition of printed and signed booklets.

Large lids

Installation on site after completion of 2 large lids for Japanese Artist paintings (in memory of the 2004 Tsunami).

Taquin game

Realization of the "Taquin Game" in colourless Plexiglas and three colours with the inlay of the game course backlit by LEDs. Created and directed by Pixel Carré - Event exhibition at the Gaîté Lyrique - Paris.

Baccarat Trophies for the 80th anniversary of the LFP

Creation of a series of Trophies in black Plexiglas in collaboration with La Cristallerie de Baccarat for the 80th anniversary of the LFP.


Engraving of the LFP logo; names and records broken by Football Professionals visible for the most part on these photos. A cavity has been machined above the support to house a 150 mm diameter Baccarat Crystal football.


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