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This polymer is known by its brand name Plexiglas®, and the other commonly used names such as Altuglas®, Lucite®, Cristallite®, Perspex® or Nudec®.

Polymethyl methacrylate (pmma)

It is a magical material, with a high degree of transparency, exceptional optical properties far superior to those of glass. It has excellent resistance to atmospheric agents, excellent resistance to UV rays and corrosion (sign making). With a density of 1.19g/cm³, it is lighter than glass and will dazzle you with the diversity of its applications. It offers a high level of crystalline transparency with a shiny appearance.

The maintenance of this material requires the use of a clean and soft cotton-type cloth impregnated with water. Be careful not to use a scouring, abrasive or alcohol-based product.

Its technical properties - light, sturdy, transparent - make this polymer suitable for all types of applications.

Tournage et fraisage Versailles

The passion we have drawn from it has not gone out of style, nor has the material, which remains unconquered to this day. The creators have never rejected it, that says it all.